Solar pathway and street lighting  are designed to avoid expensive costs involved with installing  grid powered lighting. Our  solar lighting solutions can vary from an all in one pathway light of 2.5 watts that graduate through many models such as 20 watt to 55 watt street lighting to 90 watt to 140 watt lights that we utilize in mining applications. Our LED solar powered lights deliver energy savings and less carbon emissions.

These  are suitable for:

  • Solar street lighting
  • Parks and reserves
  • Car parks and bus shelters
  • Billboards
  • Caravan Parks, resort pathway and mining villages
  • Mining, civil engineering, rail applications
  • Security perimeter lighting
  • Intersections and roads and driveways
  • Restrooms, isolated buildings
  • Farm lighting equipment sheds, stock yards
  • Marine – boat ramps, jetty’s, pontoons and pens
  • Council applications

Our solar lighting can be remote controlled and programmable for operational times.  Eliminates trenching and cable costs of grid power. In default mode our solar lights automatically activate at dusk  and are powered by deep cycle gel or acid batteries and will switch off at dawn. We welcome any enquiry and we often customise our units to specific environments.

Our products are easy to install, low maintenance and reliable.