Trade Reaction  are able to offer a wide range of Solar light bricks. They are usually placed in a garden ,road settings, decking,pathways, hotels , lawns ,backyards and resorts to provide a designated  charming decorative  glow  of  subdued lighting. These are very high quality lights that are designed to last several years. Some are merely decorative whilst others can withstand the weight of a fire truck.

These bricks  can be translucent, frosted or clear and emit  10 hours  of  Red, white, blue, yellow or green light on an average sunny day. They are water resistant and can be installed easily into the ground with no wiring required. They only need the magnet (which stops the light from coming on in transport) removed from the bottom and they are ready to charge up so they automatically light up at dusk.

Many customers experiment with our lighting as they find it excellent in creating “atmosphere and drama”  near pools, trees , dramatic illumination of walls , foliage and flowers. By using more of the in ground lights you can also create an edge of light between your terrace and garden or within your decking.