Clean & Efficient Lights for Commercial & Residential Applications

You don’t have to make sacrifices to be green.

At Trade Reaction, we specialise in supplying and distributing a range of solar and LED lighting and accessories for both commercial and residential use.

Just as we are passionate about innovative renewable energy technologies, we are also driven to provide cost effective solutions for our customers. Our goal is to make clean, green lighting solutions as accessible and as efficient as possible – even more so than non-environmentally friendly lighting technologies.

Striving for Innovation Across All Industry Sectors

At Trade Reaction, we see an opportunity in particular to supply cost effective, high efficiency solar solutions to remote sectors such as marine, mining and agriculture.

Solar and LED technologies have many benefits for industry, including reduced maintenance and greater cost effectiveness when compared to non-solar lighting technologies. Our range of solar and LED lights are designed to maximise safety and security through enhanced visibility, as well as improving commerce by lowering your reliance upon non-renewable energy sources.

Find out for yourself how our range of commercial grade, energy efficient lighting solutions can improve the bottom line of your business. Contact us to learn more.

The Future of Sustainable Living Starts at Home

Make a difference without leaving home.

The use of solar and LED lighting and accessories at home has two-fold benefits both to the environment and to your wallet. Whether you’re thinking of installing lights in your backyard, along your garden pathway, on your deck or spanning the length of your driveway, solar lighting is engineered to provide high visibility without the high cost.

Our extensive range of solar and LED bricks, bollards and studs for residential use has something to suit every aesthetic. The variety of styles and colours represented within our residential solar selection is proving that sustainable living does not have to be boring.